Connect with Alessandra ‘Ali’ Kitinas:

Ali Kitinas is a 15 year old entrepreneur, ambassador, and performer. For the past 3 years, Ali has been actively running her own businesses, including a Social Media Marketing business called OTS Marketing. OTS means Outside the Square. She also founded Social Enterprise 87cents Project. As apart of this social enterprise, Ali recently launched a product known as The Freedom Scrub. These are coffee and sugar body scrubs. The intent of the Freedom Scrub is raising funds for The Hope Foundation Hospital, which is set up in Kolkata, India, providing healthcare to the people living in the slums and streets for as little as 87 cents a year. The original coffee Freedom Scrub is a product with 3 tiers of give back in association with the Freedom Hub Cafe in Sydney. They work in the field of life skills for women that have been victims of slavery in Australia. The coffee grinds used in the scrub are recycled and give back to the rehabilitation of Child Soldiers in Sudan. It also aids the micro financing of women in poverty in Rwanda. Besides running her own businesses, Ali is the ambassador for Australia Social Enterprise Moeloco and also Beautiful Minds Australia, who run workshops and events to help inspire Teenage girls. Through these, Ali hopes to fulfill her dreams of being a performer. She endeavours to use her business as a way of being financially stable in the future so that she can pursue her other passions.

Purchase 1 freedom scrub and receive a free 150g Coffee Freedom Scrub