Claudia Soul is The Essential Mentor and there is a very good reason for it! Claudia has specialized in personal development as a Psychotherapist, Consultant and now Mentor, for twenty years. After completing a Degree in Counseling and Human Change/Psychology, she went on to work with thousands of clients addressing every issue imaginable, from addiction to relationships. She is now a Life and Success Strategist, Behaviorist and Clarity Expert and is due to release her first book in July 2017.

Claudia works with individuals and couples and her unique approach to her clients allows them to access clarity within and overcome the blocks holding them back and from reaching their full potential. Claudia believes that when you achieve Clarity of Mind, it allows for focus and peace within. Only then can you access a high level of success, happiness and love in your life. Claudia’s inspiration to enter the personal development field came from a challenging childhood which left her confused about her place in the world. It was her journey to rise above her childhood and engage in personal development, that showed her the value of clarity as the foundation for self-awareness, authenticity and ultimately success and happiness in life.

Claudia clients include CEO’s, coaches, entrepreneurs, sports people, actors and anyone who has reached a certain level of success, but find themselves searching for more. Claudia works one on one and long term as she believes the relationship built over time and her ability to see what you can’t, is the catalyst for permanent change.

Claudia is also a successful entrepreneur and speaks internationally at events such as the Habitude Warrior Conferences in The United States. She is regularly interviewed about clarity, mindset, leadership and personal development on radio. She has been interviewed on the Ace Michaels Show in Las Vegas, The Internet Marketing and Business Solutions Show with Ronald Couming in the USA which has a reach of over 1 million listeners. Claudia was also interviewed on the topic of authenticity by Australian celebrity branding expert Zahrina Robertson, for Brand You, the branding module in the Business App called Brin. Claudia also co-hosts the web based radio show, My Holistic Lifestyle from Los Angeles.