Connect with Corrinne Armour:

Growing up on the family farm, Corrinne has learned the challenges of being in a small business osmosis before she launched a career in corporate Australia. Known for her provocative, inspiring and empathetic approach, Corrinne empowers both leaders and teams to embrace Fearless Leadership and to lead to changes that stick.

She brings speaking, training, and coaching in the competing realities of the workplace and the challenges of being a leader. Her clients are leader and teams from a diverse range of industries including finance, government, construction, and even aged care. Working with Corrinne is not for the faint hearted as she specialises in helping clients get out of their way to fulfill their potential.

Her clients value her for her energy, encourage, positivism, innovative approach and focus on strong results. Working with Corrinne and her team meant:

Work with Corrinne when you, your team or your organisation:

  • focusing more in courage as leadership
  • face significant organisational or industry change
  • and developing leadership in others

Corrinne is also the co-author of ‘Developing Direct Reports: Taking the guesswork out of leading leaders’ and ‘Cracking the Code for Workshop Performance’. She is an author of the forthcoming ‘Build not bruise: Leadership for now and the future’.

Passionate about social justice, Corrinne is Vice President of Wintringham, a Victorian company delivering aged care to homeless elderly. She has also spent two years teaching English in a refugee camp on the edge of a war-zone.

At home, she is a wife and mother to two gorgeous young girls.

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