David Boyar is considered Australia’s business growth expert through financial control and visibility for business owners. As a chartered accountant with a diverse background in various financial leadership roles, in a range of progressive financial institutions, David has a unique skill set that has allowed him to transform his client’s accounting function from a cost-centre into a profit-growth centre.

Accounting has always been relegated as a “back office” function commonly overseen by book keepers and accountants — seen as something you “have” to do to keep score within your business and to remain compliant with the tax office.

David discovered that if a business could have access to a virtual financial “dream team”, at the fraction of the cost of hiring a full time CFO, he could change the relationship business owners have with their financial numbers, from foe-to-friend.

Working as a “turbo charger” alongside a business owner’s accountant, David and his virtual CFO team have been able to identify thousands of dollars in lost financial opportunities that have been transformed into profitable opportunities.

By creating and deploying systems that give his business owner clients true visibility and financial controls of the most important numbers they need to manage and know, through simple reporting and expert consultation, David and his team at Sequel VCFO are transforming the old and stodgy accounting “department” into an undiscovered profit centre.

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