Connect with Dwayne Martens:

At the age of 30 Dwayne has built a multimillion dollar health food empire, contributed to the preservation and cultivation of over 10,000 acres of tree based food, been castaway on a deserted Solomon island with no food for 5 days, begged for petty change on the streets of London and now lives in a Tepee and plays guitar. A rock ‘n’ roller by nature, what truly underlies the fun antics is an authentic uplifting take on life.

Dwayne Martens founded Amazonia at the tender age of 22. At that time, it seemed a little reckless, but Dwayne quit university in his final semester in health science to follow his dream. He had discovered a little berry called Acai and spent countless hours in the back of a Fremantle (WA) organic restaurant packing the first ever Amazonia products. Now Amazonia is one of Australia’s largest health food companies exporting to over 10 other countries and actively working with 10,000 families abroad to preserve over 10,000 acres of naturally occurring Acai, cacao, coconut and baobab trees.

Not only has Amazonia pioneered new staple foods to the Australian market but it has shown how powerful sustainable business can be on all components of the business cycle. With distribution into cafes, grocery, pharmacy and health there is a good chance you have consumed an Amazonia product.

Not only famous for his business, Dwayne is also a well known musician and has talked on the international stage next to some of the world’s leading presenters.

Out of 3000+ applicants one of Dwayne’s companies Amazonia has Won “2015 NSW Business of the year”.

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