Keith Abraham, has become the world’s premier thought leader on passionate performance and building passion-based cultures. CEOs of billion-dollar companies turn to Keith for inspiration, insights and ideas on how to bring the best out of their people and themselves.

As founder of Passionate Performance INC, he has been dedicated to researching, training and working with people to help them find, harness and turn their passion into personal and professional capital. He has developed a clientbase of over 265 companies across 20 countries.

He was presented with the Nevin Award, the highest honour for professional speaking and was also named ‘Keynote Speaker of the Year’ by the Australian National Speakers Association in 2012.

He has written 4 Best Selling Books. BE!, his latest released book, is in its second month has already in its second reprint.

Like most people, his greatest passions are his family, being with them, having different experiences, see them grow as individuals and travelling with Kristine and his two Daughters. He is passionate about the work he does which should matter, have meaning and make a difference.

Another passion of his is travelling. He loves being an explorer, not a tourist by experiencing what the world has to offer- from food to sights and culture.

His final passion, started 6 years ago when he fell in love with photography. He loves to take photos of his family and the places he either read or dreamt about as a kid growing up on the farm.

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