Kylie is a Sydney based Professional Speaker, Author and Team Expert with over 20 years experience.

Having worked with Teams and businesses teaching them how to improve communication particularly during a crisis, Kylie Warry is the expert when it comes to the importance of communication. Kylie has developed the Communication DNA model as a framework for understanding yourself and others as a Communicator.

Kylie works with her audience and clients to help them see how communication is affected during crisis and how they can navigate through to ensure not just survival but growth.

Kylie has worked with companies such as Univar Australia, Catholic Care, BHP, The Department of Defence, The department of Environment and Climate change, la Trobe University, St George and St Vincent Hospitals, and TAFE NSW. She also works with Entrepreneurs and small business to help them navigate through Communication crisis.

This helps people and business shift to a new level of understanding, cohesiveness, maturity and productivity. If you are looking for coaching, team training or a transformative speaker then check out for further information. You and your business are worth it.

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