Connect with Marc Miles:

Marc Miles, helping you Speak and Teach for your content to be REMEMBERED. Having taught the Train the Trainer course and Diploma of Training and Design for over 4 years and taught over 1,500 trainers in Australia, he is now running a training consulting company, High Demand, High Profit Training equipping speakers, teachers and presenters the skills to wow audiences and get their content remembered.

Having worked in Japan for 7 years he honed his instructional skills, completed a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics and knowledge acquisition. Worked at a prestigious university in QLD and having been the lead trainer at one of the largest training organisation in Australia has seen firsthand the power of accelerated learning and what it takes to make it happen successfully with audiences. His services range from workshop design, consulting with speakers and trainers on content development and design and workshop reviews for ‘learnability’ for audiences and students.

He has successfully run several of his own businesses and grown a strong customer base through his ‘Pressure Free Selling’ approach and with a background in business coaching, life coaching and cold calling coaching he is passionate about helping others develop multiple streams of income.

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