Nicole Morris is the Founder and CEO of Human Tribe. Nicole has previously opened, operated and sold a business as the Owner / Operator that employed over 150 people and prior to going into business for herself, she worked in and studied Human Resources and Training for over 12-years.

Nicole has been leading teams for over 20-years and can attest to the value that building a genuine tribe can add to your business. From leading a multi-award-winning Australian National Human Resources team, to opening and running the most successful fitness centre in her franchise at the time, Nicole knows how to get results through bringing a team of people together.

None of this would have been possible had Nicole just focused on business results or old-school HR systems. There’s a reason why the concept of a Tribe is starting to get traction and Nicole believes it’s the perfect adjective to the leadership model she’s been building and refining for the last 20 years.

Nicole is a highly engaging presenter, having previously presented on behalf of the Australian Human Resources Institute, Business Chicks, Business Blue Print, ANZ Bank and the Connected Women’s Group Australia. Some of the brands Nicole works with today include, ING Direct, Facebook, Harris Farm Markets, Lendlease, Reserve Bank of Australia, Fitness First and Hoyts.

Nicole is also an active partner with the Human Kind Project, a Organisation that works with some of the best not for profit organisations in the world. This partnership Nicole has built means that Human Tribe supports and funds projects that transform lives and communities.

Nicole believes that the best businesses look for the win / win and that profit does not need to come at the cost of your people; in fact she believes that your people make or break your profit. She loves nothing more than helping businesses achieve their vision of a high performing business where people love to come to work.

By nights and weekends, Nicole is a Mum to three beautiful children who happily describes her life as ‘crazy beautiful’.

**Previously Nicole Wales.

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