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It’s not every day you get a nickname you actually like, but for Sharon Tieman, she laughed and fell in love with “Madame Marketing” the first time she was called it. “It’s a little bit cheeky and it’s all about Marketing, so that’s me to a tee!” she says.

Madame Marketing’s claim to fame is building businesses FAST.

She stood out from the crowd in her industry. At first they thought her constant increase in sales must be a fluke. But shortly after, industry peers were asking her for advice, and suppliers were offering to pay to be involved.

Within the first 18 months, she had doubled the revenue of that business and later sold it to a multinational from the UK for twice what she paid for it.

Not to be out-done she changed industries. With the philosophy that the fundamentals of business and marketing are basically the same, she took on a regional manufacturing business. In the first 2 and a half years she tripled the revenue and continues to dramatically increase sales when all around her are complaining about the downturn in the economy.

Sharon has a no nonsense approach to marketing. She has a strategy for almost every facet of how to drive sales to a business. Her motto is “easier sales through better marketing”.

Sharon is a published author, with the first print run of her book “If I’m So Successful, How Come I Never Get To Be On Top” selling out in 8 weeks.

She was also one of only 4 women featured in Dale Beaumont’s book, “Secrets of Marketing Experts Exposed” Which featured 14 prominent Marketing Experts from around Australia.