Connect with Suzanne Mercier:

Having spent most of her career in marketing and advertising, Suzanne has developed an intense curiosity and deep understanding of the link between motivation and behaviour. Her business Purpose to Profit supports Managers, Leaders and Business Owners to step up to inspiring influences in their business environment. Her initial focus is on identifying and removing barriers to performance, such as the Imposter Syndrome, then moving on to create their career or business future.

Suzanne’s coaching clients have called her ‘the best compass around’ (TAL) and claim she has ‘changed their life’ (CGU).

What makes Suzanne unique is her understanding of what it takes to create a high-performance business environment together with her significant experience around shifting mindsets and behaviour. She is able to identify the barriers, help dismantle them, provide tools and contextualise them back into the work environment, then coach to provide distinctions around learning and behaviour.

Her experience of having worked her way up the ranks to be the first Female Director of Australia’s largest agency, and having run her own business for the past 20 years enables Suzanne to relate at all levels.

She has worked with diverse clients including entrepreneurs, owners and managers of SME’s wide range of industries, managing directors of international medium-sized businesses, equity partners in professional services firms, sales directors and general managers.

Suzanne is a published author of her acclaimed book 2012 “Liberate Leadership. How the Imposter syndrome undermines leadership performance and what to do about it” available on Kindle.