John Dwyer (known as “JD” by most of his clients) is a marketing enigma.

John describes his teaching as a beacon that pushes businesses to formulate wow factor marketing techniques. He thinks “way outside the box” and brings proven wow factor ideas to the table for small business owners – not the motherhood marketing waffle we all hear from many self-professed advertising experts.

He knows how to help you find your “unique selling proposition” and can show you the most powerful methods of delivering it to the right prospects and show you how to get your customers/clients to keep coming back over and over again – pure “gold” for any small business owner!

Another refreshing attribute of John is his understanding that small businesses are typically not rolling in marketing funds.

He appreciates that you need low cost ideas and high profit results.

With this in mind, his “Wow Injection Packages” are filled with practical, amazing ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

They’ll help you position your product or service, build hype and increase sales!

And all of his ideas suit both offline and online marketing – plus, best of all, they’re easy to implement!

John established his own Advertising/Marketing Agency in Sydney, appropriately called Dynamic Ideas.

Contracted by the likes of News Ltd, the Nine Television Network, KFC and Westfield shopping towns, John was kept busy devising marketing strategies to dramatically increase readers, audiences and customers.

After achieving spectacular results for such big guns, his reputation spread and it wasn’t long before his client list included ACP Magazines, 7-Eleven, Coca Cola, Video Ezy, Caltex and McDonalds.

His “wow factor” thinking had achieved some remarkable “runs on the board” and everyone wanted a taste of it.

Having created marketing concepts that had achieved hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for his clients, John then decided that he’d like to produce his own products so that he could enjoy a direct benefit from his “wow factor” marketing.

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Showing you how to be become
“the UN” of your industry.