Mike’s an OG in the Digital Marketing game! Since discovering the power of Adwords in 2004 he’s written the world’s best-selling book on Google Adwords, taught over 100,000 people how to manage their Adwords accounts better and built an agency to ‘do it for them’ if businesses don’t want to learn themselves.

His agency, WebSavvy.com.au looks after digital marketing & strategy for businesses in a dozen countries, including Tony Robbins, Bryan Tracy & Showpo. Managing over $100m in ad spend so far (almost all of it profitably… you can’t win them all!) has given WebSavvy the reputation of one of the best digital agencies on the planet.

At AgencySavvy.com he also teaches agency owners & businesses how to use the power of AI & Machine Learning, how to build their businesses & how to improve their data-driven marketing.

Most importantly Mike’s a husband & dad of two gorgeous girls & lives in Melbourne Australia.

To access the Google sheet that Mike mentioned in his episode, please click here.