Connect with Nathan Birch:

If you walked past him in the street, you probably wouldn’t realise you were walking past Australia’s top young property investor. Nathan Birch lives the BInvested dream of living life on his terms and is more worried about his portfolio and his clients’ success than he is about a shirt or suit for work. In fact, he’s so down-to-earth, he’ll probably be wearing his standard thongs when you meet him, no matter who you are.

Nathan didn’t retire from the rat race at age 24 due to any fancy degree, silver spoon or pure luck – it was all down to his property investment portfolio. Now four years into his ‘retirement’ he has over 170 properties worth over $35 million, his net worth is over $20 million and he is his own boss.

Not content with his own success, Nathan wanted to show other investors, just like himself how to live life on their own terms using his property investment strategies. Soon he had co-founded group of companies with Daniel Young and began providing every service an investor could ever need to start, grow and successfully maintain a profitable property investment portfolio.

Today, as Director of, Nathan’s walks his own talk, sharing his personal knowledge and experience with other investors, helping them achieve their lifestyle dreams through property. Known widely for his “no bullshit” and honest approach, his popular YouTube videos and commentary complement his ever-increasing reel of media appearances.

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